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About Us

NRP Certification Online (NRPCO) is the leading provider of web-based NRP certification exams and training courses.

Our institution holds an impeccable reputation for providing our applicants with the highest quality of NRP training and online testing available today.

In the past, the only way to obtain an NRP certification was for nurses and healthcare providers to take time out of their busy schedules and sit through a 2-day training class. We’ve created a solution to that problem by offering an NRP certification program online that can be accessed from any internet source 24/7.

NRPCO has employed a team of highly-skilled medical providers to design our NRP training courses and exams ensuring educational integrity in our online program. On a periodic basis, our on-staff medical professionals monitor and update our NRP curriculum ensuring the most up-to-date health guidelines are being followed.

We are proud to deliver an NRP program online that meets the standards of a traditional classroom training course.